********************** Praise and prayer requests****************************

Praise Report:

Paul McIntyre has 2 praise reports: His son Jesse's foot is healing nicely and does not require surgery. Also his longtime friend, Michael Lind, is out of pain for the first time in years and does not require a colostomy bag. His colon polyps are shrinking at last.

    For our new and continued prayer requests today:

    Gerald Birch is having radiation therapy this month as treatment for his pancreatic cancer. Please pray for his swift and successful treatment.

    Georgia Brown is having surgery on the 16th to get a defibrillator. Please pray for her during this procedure and its recovery.

    Kenneth Bounds and his family still continue to face health issues. There is a fluid buildup around his heart and his wife and mother are dealing with health issues as well.

    Kevin Crowe's grandmother, Geraldine Warrick, has been hospitalized for pnuemonia.

    Please pray for our brethren, friends, family and neighbors in the path of Hurricane Irma. Also pray for their family out of state as they wait to hear from loved ones at risk.

    Pray for our brethren and the residents of Texas as they face the fallout of Hurricane Harvey.






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